How much is a 2005 R5 Coin Worth?

The 2005 R5 Coin is not rare, however, if the coin is in mint condition and has been graded, you might be able to sell it for a small fortune. Here’s what we found them selling for online.

A mint 2005 R5 coin can fetch up to R15,000 if is graded as proof and is uncirculated. You will need to supply a grading certificate from a reputable coin grading service to sell it at such a price. Without such a certificate, the coin is only worth its face value, R5.

According to Rand Coin, a Mint 2005 R5 Oom Paul Mint Mark Mintage 997 should fetch around R15,000.00. But what if you end up with one of these coins in your possession?

If your coin is uncirculated, you may be able to sell it online for as much as R100 as seen in this listing at

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2 Responses

  1. Matsepang Mafereka says:

    I have those coins
    Mandela R5 20years of freedom 2014

    • Hi there, thats great. You will want to make sure that your coin is graded in order for it to qualify for a high market value. If it is graded as proof, you should try to list it on BidorBuy, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. If it is only UNC (Uncirculated) then it could be worth around R100. Good luck!

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