Sell Mandela Coins [YEAR 2000 MANDELA R5 COIN]

Price starts at R5000








We are looking for a Mandela R5 coin. Year 2000 Mandela “Smiley” If you have one like this please email us and we will get back to you with a quote. Mint condition value is around R675 000

Click here if you have this coin:

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  1. Hi I have one smiley 2000 Mandela R5 coin in very good condition how much can I get for it and where do I sell it I’m in south of jhb cell number 0746390946

  2. Good evening
    I have a mandela 5rand year 2000.same as in above picture.. How much does it worth. So what procedures do I follow to sell it to you

  3. I’m looking for any Mandela coins between 2001 to 2007 and 2009 excluding the year 2000 and 2008 because there are too many and not in demand as yet… I will pay per coin for Mandela coin between 2001 and 2007..whatsapp me on 0622163496.. I have too much 2000 and 2008 coins looking for buyers myself

  4. I have a 5r coin wit mandela face on the year on it is 2000 stil good condition live in bonthuhwel make a offer my number is 0765175386 wil sent you photos from that number please dont email me take my number

  5. Hi

    I have 2 mandela smiley coins year 2000 and 5 inaugural 1994 coins plus 4 2008 mandela R5 coins contact me on whatsapp for pictures and price 0783252282

  6. nelson mandela coin set. 1994 presidential coin. 2008 90th birthday coin. 2011 90th anniversary coin. 2014 20 years of freedom coin. 2018 100th year memorial madiba coin, a good investment,coins in top condition, selling amount 55000 rands. onco. contact zaid 0798109170.

  7. I have iningizimu afrika 2000 Mandela coin I’d love to sell…My coin is in perfect conditions because it is still perfectly shiny.The Mandela portrait is still very visible.No scratches are observant on the coin.I intend to sell it for R500 000 or more.Thank you.

  8. Hi,

    I have Mandela R5 coins silver year 2000
    Let me if you interested.
    Contact 073 634 0443/074 328 1630.

    Kind regards
    073 634 0443

  9. Hi I have a Mandela “Smiley” R5 coin in mint condition and am looking to sell. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks.

  10. I have 15 Mandela r5 2008coins,17 Mandela r5 1994 coins & 2 Mandela r5 coins 2000 I sell all of them each R5000 we can talk if you want a discount

  11. Good day my name Vanessa florence and I have a 2000 R5 mandela coin what do I need to do to sale it and what is the asking price

  12. Hey guys

    I’m looking for Mandela coins dated from 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2009 only I have buyers for them please no time wasted people If you have the above date contact me please

  13. Hey guys

    I’m looking for Mandela coins dated from 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2009 only I have buyers for them please no time wasted people If you have the above date contact me please

  14. i have old 2000 mandela coin want to sell and price plz my number is 0633884062or0837328822 plz call me cause my imail adress not working now

  15. Hwzit guys

    I’m looking for Mandela head coins years 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2009 I’m base In durban and I have buyers in durban please call or what’s app me on 0621362183 Mohammed
    No time wasted people please

  16. I am selling 3 R5 coins year of 2000 with smilling of face of Mandela @ R57 000 each and one R5 coin year 2008 90th birthday for Mandela @ R60 000 if you are interested here is my contact 0737375836 we will communicate




  18. I have 8 R5 coins Mandela inurguration coins from 1994. Can you tell me what is it worth?
    I can send a picture.

  19. Hello, My name is Jules Delany
    I have a few of the coins you are looking for in excellent if circulated condition, no deep scratches or marks, high shine, well looked after.
    Mandela “Smiley” from Year 2000
    Wildebeest From year 2005
    And 2008 R5 coin.
    I also have highly valued UK coin 2016 Battle of Hastings 50p and Beatrix Potter 2016/2017 coins.
    These are rare, limited edition coins selling for up to £5000 in UK.
    Please contact me on +447484714917 or
    Coins will be brought personally to South Africa by myself or could be sent with tracking and insurance.
    I also have rare notes/coins/stamps from all over the world.
    Please contact me by phone, SMS, WhatsApp or Email.
    Many Thanks

  20. Call me at 0780427130 I dont mine if we negotiate on those R5′ of Mandela..if that is the truth,,cause to good to be true,when we read all this..advice me..if you want a sheer speak..but as long as i get the right channels to sell them and earn money.

  21. I have R5 silver year 2000 of Mr.Mandela..i will like to sell it and im at pretoria at least if i can something out of that much does it pays? Cause i saw that it pay upto R600,000 do i sell it ..? Please advice me.

  22. I have the 1994 Presidential Inauguration R5 coin in good condition and I’m selling it ASAP, the price is negotiable.

  23. I have 2000
    mandela smiley more i have 2008 90 more i have 1994 i have mandela 1917-2011 i have also ori tambo please contact me 0731276093

  24. Good evening i have a year 2000 R5 smiley face Nelson Mandela coin and wish to sell it, it in good condition please get back to me by email

  25. good day
    my name is phillip tshabalala i do have this coin of 2000 of madiba please contact me 073 5155 526/

  26. Yes i have all coin that you are looking please respond or can i come because i see address or can you give me your lind line numbers

  27. 1xMandela R5 coin year 2000 Smiley Mandela face – very good condition.

    1xMandela Inauguration R5 coin 1994 – fair/good condition.

    1xMandela R5 coin 2008 90th birthday – fair/good condition.

    1xMandela 90years 1921-2011 R5 coin 2011 – fair/good condition.

    6xOliver Tambo 1917-2017 R5 coins 2017 – good condition.

    2xSilver 1994 R5 coins – good condition

    Contact me: 0785258102 or

    Only serious buyers pls.

  28. I have the ffg gold investment coins. All coins are in proof.
    (contains portion of Nobel peace prize speech – Two available)
    R 7500.00
    (tribute to Mandela) R 15000.00

    • ¼ OZ GOLD TITANIC COIN – R 16000.00
    [commemorating 75th anniversary]

    • ¼ OZ GOLD KALAHARI TWIN SET R 22000.00
    [set in a stunning wooden box. One coin depicts a family of Meerkats,
    And the other depicts stick figures of the tribes living in the Kalahari]

    [two available – set in a wooden box]

    (consists of 1/10th , 1/4, 1/2 and 1 oz – set in a wooden box)

  29. I have a Mandela R5 coin from the year 2008….Its still in n good condition. His face and the print of his 90th birthday is on it…..

  30. I Sabelo Mlambo from Secunda mpumalanga, I have a 2000 and 2008 Mandela coins to sell, so I don’t know where to sell.

  31. I have R5 presidential inauguration coin year 1994.i also have 50cents year 1985&1989 and 20cents year1977&1990

    • Hi what is your price for the 2006 Mandela coin. It is the only one am interested in.

      Please contact me on WhatsApp on 0737503235

  32. I have 5 Mandela coins of 2000 I will be ver y happy if u can buy them. I’m in Gauteng. My price is 45,000 bcs they are in a good condition. Tnx my number is 0655422653

  33. Please, I have 2 Mandela coins-year 2000.
    and 2 Mandela coins year 2008.
    Kindly, email me the price for each.

  34. Hello i have 2 Mandela 5rand coin with smile i want to sell is 675000 the amount it worth? If not what is the amount Please contact me

  35. Also have year 2000 Mandela coin silver one I don’t know if that’s the right one I have what I to understand is the coin that are being sold is the regular one or rare one thank you

  36. I have the following Mandela R5 Coins:
    1 x Year 2000
    1 x Year 2004
    4 x Year 2008
    Would love to know the values and thinking of selling.

    • Hi what is your price for the 2004 Mandela coin. It is the only one am interested in.

      Please contact me on WhatsApp on 073750200

    • Hi what is your price for the 2004 Mandela coin. It is the only one am interested in.

      Please contact me on WhatsApp on 0737503235

  37. Hi,I have the Nelson Mandela R5 coin
    Year 2000,South Africa engrave in Isizulu ,farely new .. engraved under the buck are the letters ALS or AL5.
    N.B***preferred communication is e-mail

  38. I got a 2000 mandela head R5 coin and a 2008 R5 coin and the 2014 20 years of freedom R5coin and i got the 2015 R5 coin coinage of gtiqua town and i got two 1921-2011 R5 coin which I will like to sell thanks

  39. Hi ,I am selling a Nelson Mandela 2000 smiley R5 condition
    Contact me via email or cell 061 350 7926

  40. Hi there, I have a Mandela 2000 smiley I wish to sell. Please contact me for price and pics as I cannot attach the picture. My number is 0731369214

  41. I don’t know the condition of my coins. And i have R2 union building and R5 presidential inauguration R5 Mandela smiley for year 2000

  42. Hi I have 2000 R5 mandela smiley face coin. That I want to sell… it’s in good condition… Pls contact me on 0847589050 urgently.

  43. I have a 2000 Mandela coin.can u please send me your email so that we talk on how I deliver it to you!my number is +26653496405

  44. Hie coin trader im looking for 5 rand 1994 with head silver if anyone who have it call me or watsup on this digits 0625835761 either used or graded

  45. I have three of them, they are clean .2000 mandela coins and a plenty of others ,2008,2011 and 1994, graded one and Mandela presidential inauguration

  46. I have three of them, they are clean .2000 mandela coins and a plenty of others ,2008,2011 and 1994, graded one and Manda presidential inauguration

  47. Hi i just want to find out i have 3× of that mandela 2000 R5 how do i selling it please my number is 0835069546 all 3 of my coins is in a verry good condition i can sent pics of it

  48. Hi I’ve got the year 2000 R5 mandela coin please contact help figure out the exact amount I can sell it for and it’s condition?

  49. Hi I do have this coin what I want to know is how much you willing to pay for it and how will it be exchange becouse I stay at gauteng

  50. Coins available for purchase;
    4_R5 2008 Mandela coins
    1_R5 1994 Presidential Inauguration coin
    1_R5 2000 Mandela Smiley coin
    1_ R5 2011 90years coin

  51. I have all the coins you want 2 presidential R5,11 2004 R5,10 2005 R5,3 2008 mandela R5 and 2 smiley 2008 mandela R5 please contact me 0618464736

  52. Make me n offer for 1994 R5 Mandela coin i have 4, 2008 R5 Mandela coin i have 14, 1994 presidentual inaugeration R5 coin i have 5. Just make me an offer on how many u want and how much u willing to pay.

    • Hie im looking for mandela silver with head 1994 if you still have it my number is 0625835761 i just need one how much are you selling

  53. I have the 1994 Presidential Inauguration R5 coin. I have been trying to upload the picture but it keeps on saying “file is too big”, what can I do. Help me

  54. Hi have u got a street address were I can bring in my coins or how can I contact u . U only have a postal address

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