Sell Mandela Coins [YEAR 2000 MANDELA R5 COIN]

Price starts at R5000








We are looking for a Mandela R5 coin. Year 2000 Mandela “Smiley” If you have one like this please email us and we will get back to you with a quote. Mint condition value is around R675 000

Click here if you have this coin:

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  1. Hi,I have the Nelson Mandela R5 coin
    Year 2000,South Africa engrave in Isizulu ,farely new .. engraved under the buck are the letters ALS or AL5.
    N.B***preferred communication is e-mail

  2. I got a 2000 mandela head R5 coin and a 2008 R5 coin and the 2014 20 years of freedom R5coin and i got the 2015 R5 coin coinage of gtiqua town and i got two 1921-2011 R5 coin which I will like to sell thanks

  3. Hi ,I am selling a Nelson Mandela 2000 smiley R5 condition
    Contact me via email or cell 061 350 7926

  4. Hi there, I have a Mandela 2000 smiley I wish to sell. Please contact me for price and pics as I cannot attach the picture. My number is 0731369214

  5. I don’t know the condition of my coins. And i have R2 union building and R5 presidential inauguration R5 Mandela smiley for year 2000

  6. Hi I have 2000 R5 mandela smiley face coin. That I want to sell… it’s in good condition… Pls contact me on 0847589050 urgently.

  7. I have a 2000 Mandela coin.can u please send me your email so that we talk on how I deliver it to you!my number is +26653496405

  8. Hie coin trader im looking for 5 rand 1994 with head silver if anyone who have it call me or watsup on this digits 0625835761 either used or graded

  9. I have three of them, they are clean .2000 mandela coins and a plenty of others ,2008,2011 and 1994, graded one and Mandela presidential inauguration

  10. I have three of them, they are clean .2000 mandela coins and a plenty of others ,2008,2011 and 1994, graded one and Manda presidential inauguration

  11. Hi i just want to find out i have 3× of that mandela 2000 R5 how do i selling it please my number is 0835069546 all 3 of my coins is in a verry good condition i can sent pics of it

  12. Hi I’ve got the year 2000 R5 mandela coin please contact help figure out the exact amount I can sell it for and it’s condition?

  13. Hi I do have this coin what I want to know is how much you willing to pay for it and how will it be exchange becouse I stay at gauteng

  14. Coins available for purchase;
    4_R5 2008 Mandela coins
    1_R5 1994 Presidential Inauguration coin
    1_R5 2000 Mandela Smiley coin
    1_ R5 2011 90years coin

  15. I have all the coins you want 2 presidential R5,11 2004 R5,10 2005 R5,3 2008 mandela R5 and 2 smiley 2008 mandela R5 please contact me 0618464736

  16. Make me n offer for 1994 R5 Mandela coin i have 4, 2008 R5 Mandela coin i have 14, 1994 presidentual inaugeration R5 coin i have 5. Just make me an offer on how many u want and how much u willing to pay.

    • Hie im looking for mandela silver with head 1994 if you still have it my number is 0625835761 i just need one how much are you selling

  17. I have the 1994 Presidential Inauguration R5 coin. I have been trying to upload the picture but it keeps on saying “file is too big”, what can I do. Help me

  18. Hi have u got a street address were I can bring in my coins or how can I contact u . U only have a postal address

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