Sell Mandela Coins [YEAR 2004 R5]

Price starts at R2500

Selling Mandela Coins

After the release of the new R5 Mandela Coin, the value of the older mandela coins are going to be increasing in value! We are looking for some year 2004 5 Rand Coins. These prices start at R2500 cash and up to R5000 for mint condition. Click here and complete the form if you have this coin.

Yes, you may be tempted to keep your coin and let the value increase, but the volatility of the collectible coin market might mean that the coin loses value. There is an element of risk which needs to be taken into account when keeping the coin for a long term.

Dozens of South Africans are selling their Mandela Coins and making big money overnight.


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  1. l have mandala coins a year 2004×6
    2005×2 /2006×3 / 2007×1/ 2009×3
    2017×6 / 2008×10 90th Birthdays /
    2014×5 that he written 20 years freedom / 1×1921- 2011 and 5 x 2018 0f hundreds years you’re interested WhatsApp me

  2. l have mandala coins a year 2004×6
    2005×2 /2006×3 / 2007×1/ 2009×3
    2017×6 / 2008×10 90th Birthdays /
    2014×5 that he written 20 years freedom and 1×1921- 2011 you’re interested WhatsApp me

  3. I have 2004 R5 coin and Griqua
    coin my cell number is: 0718002037 Im selling it. if interested you can call or whatsapp me.

  4. I have a 2008 90 years birthday madela five rand coin and a 2011 90 years congress five rand coin, 2015 coinage of criqua town. 2017 order of the champions of O.R tambo five rand coin. 3x hundred years anniversary of the union buildings.

  5. I have Mandela coins R5 year 2000,2008 and Parliament R5 year,

  6. Can u please send me a list with the year of the R5 coins (manbela)and their current values,because I have alot of then and need to know if I must keep them or sell.

    • Hi Vamsile I’m also staying at Richards Bay i need those coins you will tell me how much you need. Please call me on 0824278397 or 071 56 10305.

  7. I have upload the picture 1994 inuaguration R5 coin the respond is always is too big the file does not try again pls help

  8. I have all sorts of R5 coins with accurate years required but I can’t upload the picture because it states that it’s too big. They in a good condition. Please Email me.

  9. Hy I have a Problem if I try to upload the system is showing an error or ” file is long ” is it possible to get your Physical Address as well your contact details I would like to come Personally and sell my R5 , as I have 2004 x9 as well 2005 x10 I almost spent two days in Ballito looking for your offices unfortunately I didn’t get an help I’m begging you to assist me with at least Physical Address and Contact details mine is 0712539701 , email :

  10. I am selling each R5 coin for R1,500(negotiable)
    I have 9 Coins am selling all 9 of them for R9,000. (Take a look at the condition *photo*) I think you will be happy with the way thy are.Call 0717024206 Whatsapp 0835064521 (cape town residence)

    • Hi Ashton, please try again, the form has been fixed and you should be able to upload a photo of your mandela coin.