Old South African Coins For Cash

Coin collectors are looking to buy variety of old South African coins for cash. Before they can make you an offer, consider some of the popular South African coins that are bought instantly.

Mandela Coins – These coins have become extremely popular among South Africans. If you own an old R5 Mandela coin is could be worth up to R20,000 cash. Contact us here if you do.

Krugerrands – Even though these are not as popular, they are worth a lot more simply because of their metal value. Krugerrands are made in gold and silver, therefore they can be worth upwards of R80,000 depending on the market. If you own one, buyers might be interested, contact us here.

If you have any other old South African coins there is a good chance a collector will want to have a look at them, simply comment below and we will get in contact with you.

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