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  1. Good Day, I have a coin in very good condition same as listed above .
    R5 Mandela 90t Birthday dated 2008. Will you let me know what the price will be?


  2. have 1994;2000:2008:2018 R5 Mandela coins.50 cent 1966:many 10 cents:5 cents:20 cents of ,1965;1 cents from 1966 and many more.Any buyer to contact me at 0734123389:0791713279

  3. I have 3 different coins , Order of The companions of O.R. Tambo 2017, coinage of Griqua Town and Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018.for more info contact David on 0715685497

  4. I have two Mandel gold coins from 2008-2009 .2008 coin consist of Mandela 90s birthday .2009 is having our African rhino .0607557029 I’m around Pretoria .u can come until 25november2018

  5. I have 2008 90th birthday Mandel coin sell for 2000 and also 1994 Presidential inauguration sell for R5000 my number 0781236576

  6. Hi I’m selling the 90 year 2008 celebration mandela coin and 2018 new mandela coin …Please I need a buyer .contact me on 0638259044.. (WhatsApp )

  7. I am selling the following mandela R5 coins: 1994, 2000,2003,2008,2011,2014,90th birthday R5 coin,20 years of freedom R5 coin and presidential innaguration R5 coin.

    Contact 0783807448

  8. Hi I have Griqua 2015 R5 coins
    1994 Presidential Inauguration R5coins
    And 2008 Mandela coins to sell contact me on 0725000230

  9. Hi I’m selling Mandela coins (5)presidential inauguration (6)Mandela coin with head of Mandela on them and (2) griqua coin and (2) 90 yrs 1921-2011

  10. I have 2 mamdela 90 years cions 2008 make me an offer negiotable fair condition and 2 presidential inauguration R5 cions 1994 phone number0793920810

  11. i have 2 1994 presidential inauguration R5 coins and one Mandela 2008 R5 coin. if there are any interested buyers out there who are serious please contact 0798158514 or 0623771105.

  12. Good mornings every one there. Is this site really helping people to sell their coins. If it is please reply on my email address bellow. Thank you

  13. I ntuthuzelo stay Cape Town I have 5 Mandela coin 2008 ND I need buyer plz contact me on 0735637748 or whatsapp on this number as well

  14. I have quite a few of these Mandela coins in mint good condition, I’m willing to negotiate a price, I’m looking for 1750 for each

  15. Good day.
    Are you still buying Mandela 2008 coins? I have a variety of graded coins from Pf 69 and 68, Ms 67 -61, Xf 45, Au 55 and Au 50 coins for sale. Most are graded by NGC, some PCGS, ANACS and Sangs

  16. I need to sell 2008 Mandela R5 coin×1 1994 presidential inauguration x2 1917-2017 2017 OR Tambo R5 coin please make me an offer

  17. l have mandela 90th birthday r5 coin & mandela 2000 coin smiley”face l have 10 of them any who is interested to buy call:0735427017

  18. ihave 5rand 2 four nelson mandela2018aechis2500and 5randpresidenential inaugurationihaveoneaechis25000 and5randnelsonmandela2008aechis10000

    cellme 0619588458

  19. i have 2mandela R5 aech isR2000 four2018 ad one PRESIDENT

    IAL INAUGURATION it R45000 ad 2008 R5 it cost R7500


  21. my name is George myburgh and I have 1 R5 with Mandela’s head on it.5 o r tambu R5 coins,3 grikwa R5 coins and 1 R5 coin with urher things on.I stay in albertinia in the western cape and my cell number is,061 756 5115.

  22. I have R5 for 2008 Mandela coin I’m selling it R700 each and year 2000 Mandela R5 R 15000 each 1994 R5 Inauguration R2000 each

  23. Dont you guys want the O.R.Tambo coin ? It was made whilst they were celebrating his 100th birthday last year how much value would it costs plus the Madiba R5 (2000year)

  24. Hi. I also have nice mint covered Nelson Mandela 90th birth day 2008 coins.if there is someone who want to buy please contact me on this number 0635826380 or 0734873062 Thank you.

  25. I would like sell 15 Mr Mandela’s coins.year 2008 x 15,presidential year 1994 x 8 and golden year 2000 x 1..my number is 0731377586..

  26. i am Nompumelelo from Durban. i am Selling Nelson Mandela Coin for 90th years Birthday for 2008 if you are interested Call or Whatsapp 0810608380

  27. Hello I have a 2008, 90th centenary Mandela coins. Contact me on 0609065544 if interested. I’m in Polokwane.

  28. I have tata Mandela R5(2008),90years birthday.So I am selling it,if anyone want to buy please you can call,whatsapp me to the:

    Cellphone no:0717017310

  29. I’m selling a 2008 Nelson Mandela 5 Rand coin. & 2017 Order of the companions of O.R Tambo 5 Rand coin, for R5000

  30. Hey guys
    I have some mandela coins from 2008 and 2011 and 2018, and Iam looking for someone who’s interested of buying them with a good price, 0733822548

    • Hello my name is Thabiso I was looking for the two tone, Mandela coins specially in the years of 2011-2009 not 2008 can you help. I would like to know how much would you be willing to sell for

  31. I have R5 2008 Mandela’s coin’s. I like to sell them,and I also have 3 coins’ Mandela 1994.3 20015,1 20011.call me on 0610241004 or 0728061112

  32. I have 2008 R5 Madiba coin, I would like to know if worth something? Or can do you know any one from overseas who might like to buy it.


  33. Hi audience’my five pieces 2008, R5 90th years Mandela birthday cion are for sale, so any one interested. catch me up on WhatsApp 0612754378

  34. Am selling the coins for a reasonable price and I have the following 5r of 2008,1994 presidential inauguration×2,90th birthday 2011 and Griqua 2015×4

  35. Hi I have 2008 5 rand mandela 90th birthday coins… I have 74 of these coins witch are in mint condition… Contact me on 0732482688

  36. Hey I have R5 coins for 1917 and 1994 they are 4 altogether please ineed a buyer with a good price or we will negotiate please contact me on this number 0798006592 or with my email address ndlovut299@gmail.com thank you. God bless you

  37. Please forward me address in kzn to exchange as I’m in Margate. Hereby is photos attached. All is for sale as I need patient assistance equipment for disabled person.

  38. I have 10 New release Order of the Companions of OR Tambo R5 coins in excellent condition. Please contact 0746192352 for prices.

  39. I have R5 Mandela coin of 2008 as well as the 1994 Inauguration (R5). You can contact me through my emai.

  40. Hi I have 20 of the mandela 90th birthday R5 coin I’m selling them pls contact me for price all coins are neat nd clean 0634995197

    • Hi I’m interested but want to know which year I want Mandela coin can be 2001 up to 2009 except 2008 in you have call me on this number 0732902027

  41. I have 2x 2011 R5 coins with pictures of old coins on them, i also have 1 Coinage of Griqua Town R5 0F YEAR 2015 (GRIQUA IIIII), lastly, i have 2008 R5 Mandela coin

  42. hello dear brother& sister I have all type of Mandela I want to sell just more less 200 call me with that number 0833657212

  43. Hey I’m selling a 90th birthday R5 madiba coin
    It is written 1921-2011
    It has the decoration of a 10c R100 madiba R5, a man on a horse and another picture please call me on if interested 0609300446

  44. I have a 4 set of graded Mandela 2008 90th birthday coins it consists of an ms64,ms65,ms66 and ms67 all NGC graded

  45. Hi i have 47 coins in total i have in hand .(29 × 2008 bday coins)(11× 1994 presidentail inauguration coins)(4× 2000 mandela smily face coins )(3 × griqua coins) i want to sell my coins for a reasonable price .thanks

  46. I have a 2008 Mandela coin and I’m looking for a buyer please call 0849245736 if you’re around Durban

  47. I have 2008 90th birthday Mandela coin, 1x 2011 90th birthday coin,1x presidential inauguration Mandela coin, 1x 2006 five rand coin all in mint condition

  48. Hi I have Mandela R5 2008 and Griqua R5 coin 2015 in good condition. How much can you give me? Im in Lesotho. WhatsApp no +26657180923

  49. I’m selling my Mandela coins with Mandela face on 1994,2008,2011 they five altogether I only want R20,000 for all

  50. Mandella 2008 90th birthday coin
    I have four uncirculated coins (inside plastic container) and three circulated coins, all in good condition.
    What do you offer me for them?

  51. Hi i have 2 coins i want to sell.
    2008 R5 mandela head 90 years
    2017 R5 OR Tambo Companions
    Both in very good condition
    Shane 0823279469

  52. I have a set of 6 NGC graded Mandela 90th birthday coins that I want to sell

    MS 62
    MS 63
    MS 64
    MS 65
    MS 66

  53. my name is Noni , i have 4 mandela head coin for 2008 im willing to sell them at any reasonable price, please contact me -0712903066

  54. Hi ma name is PHILILE frm KOKSTAD I’m selling MANDELA’s coin R5.year 2008 anyone who’s intrested fr buyng it plz call me @ 0738146251 # thnkya

  55. Hi my name is julanda i live around limpopo i have a 2008 R5 Nelson Mandelas 90 th birthday coin and it still in gud conditions how much is it worth and whr can i sell it around limpopo

  56. Hi
    I have one 2008 Mandela 90years R5. coin.
    It has been in circulation so is not in mint condition.
    Please can you advise how much it is worth.
    Thank you for your time.

  57. I have different coins so 5 mandela coins 2008 and 20year of freedom coins and some others. if there is someone there. contact me on this number . 0629430276

  58. hi, My name is Eddie. I have the following mandela coins for sale: 2008 90th birthday R5 graded MS67ngc; 2008 90th birthday MS61 ( mint error ) sangs graded ; 2011 90th birthday MS66 NGC graded. contact me on 0814292078

  59. Hi I have 5 Mandela coins 2 for 2000 and 3 for 2008 anyone interested to buy can contact me at 0787853070 or wattsap me at that number thank you