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  1. I have R5 for 2008 Mandela coin I’m selling it R700 each and year 2000 Mandela R5 R 15000 each 1994 R5 Inauguration R2000 each

  2. I have 2008 R5 Madiba coin, I would like to know if worth something? Or can do you know any one from overseas who might like to buy it.


  3. Hi audience’my five pieces 2008, R5 90th years Mandela birthday cion are for sale, so any one interested. catch me up on WhatsApp 0612754378

  4. Hey I have R5 coins for 1917 and 1994 they are 4 altogether please ineed a buyer with a good price or we will negotiate please contact me on this number 0798006592 or with my email address ndlovut299@gmail.com thank you. God bless you

  5. Hey I’m selling a 90th birthday R5 madiba coin
    It is written 1921-2011
    It has the decoration of a 10c R100 madiba R5, a man on a horse and another picture please call me on if interested 0609300446

  6. Hi i have 47 coins in total i have in hand .(29 × 2008 bday coins)(11× 1994 presidentail inauguration coins)(4× 2000 mandela smily face coins )(3 × griqua coins) i want to sell my coins for a reasonable price .thanks

  7. I have 2008 90th birthday Mandela coin, 1x 2011 90th birthday coin,1x presidential inauguration Mandela coin, 1x 2006 five rand coin all in mint condition

  8. I’m selling my Mandela coins with Mandela face on 1994,2008,2011 they five altogether I only want R20,000 for all

  9. Mandella 2008 90th birthday coin
    I have four uncirculated coins (inside plastic container) and three circulated coins, all in good condition.
    What do you offer me for them?

    • hey Im having mandela coins from 2000 and 2008 writing in Afrikaans and southern sotho, I looking for someone who’s interested of buying them with a good price, 0766912033

  10. Hi i have 2 coins i want to sell.
    2008 R5 mandela head 90 years
    2017 R5 OR Tambo Companions
    Both in very good condition
    Shane 0823279469

  11. I have a set of 6 NGC graded Mandela 90th birthday coins that I want to sell

    MS 62
    MS 63
    MS 64
    MS 65
    MS 66

  12. my name is Noni , i have 4 mandela head coin for 2008 im willing to sell them at any reasonable price, please contact me -0712903066

  13. Hi ma name is PHILILE frm KOKSTAD I’m selling MANDELA’s coin R5.year 2008 anyone who’s intrested fr buyng it plz call me @ 0738146251 # thnkya

  14. Hi my name is julanda i live around limpopo i have a 2008 R5 Nelson Mandelas 90 th birthday coin and it still in gud conditions how much is it worth and whr can i sell it around limpopo

  15. Hi
    I have one 2008 Mandela 90years R5. coin.
    It has been in circulation so is not in mint condition.
    Please can you advise how much it is worth.
    Thank you for your time.

  16. I have different coins so 5 mandela coins 2008 and 20year of freedom coins and some others. if there is someone there. contact me on this number . 0629430276

  17. hi, My name is Eddie. I have the following mandela coins for sale: 2008 90th birthday R5 graded MS67ngc; 2008 90th birthday MS61 ( mint error ) sangs graded ; 2011 90th birthday MS66 NGC graded. contact me on 0814292078

  18. Hi I have 5 Mandela coins 2 for 2000 and 3 for 2008 anyone interested to buy can contact me at 0787853070 or wattsap me at that number thank you

  19. Hi my name is lihle i have the 2008 mandela coin i been trying to sell it pls if anyone has any idea how to sell it pls help me. Thanks 0788654392

  20. I have 8xR5 Nelson Mandela 90th years, 2xR2 90th anivesary, 4xR5 2005,1xR5 2006,1xR5 2009,6xR5 2011 and 2xR5 2004

  21. Hi I am sfiso Shiva from Nelspruit Mpumalanga. I am selling Nelso Mandela 90th years birthday. How much can you offer. Thaks.

  22. Hi my name is Ignatius and I have a 2008 Nelson Mandela 90 birthday coin for sale please contact me at 079 683 5236 if interested

  23. Hi
    I have two of the Mandela R5 coin of 2008. If you re interested please make me an offer. Contact me of my email address

  24. Hi There

    Where do we sell the R5.00 , no one seems to release the place that buys them .

    Please help .

  25. Hi my name is Ricardo from Cape Town.I eant to sell 1 Mandela R5 90years, 1 R5 1994 Presidentail Inauguration, 1 R5 Order of the Companions of O.R.Tambo and 5 R5 Coinage of Griqua Town coins. Make me an offer

  26. Hi my name is samke nkambule i wil like to sell 2008 mandela coins. My contact number is 0731158037. If there is anyone who can assist me to sell these coin pls contact me i will give u 1 coin that is a promise thank u

  27. I have 10 of mandala coins of 2008 I want to sell them my price is 1,0000 bcs they are in good conditions. Tnx if u have and interest call me on this number: 0655422653 tnx.

  28. U are doing a good job to want to buy tatas coins bcs there are so many people Hou want sells but they dt know were to go .I’m one of them .

  29. Hy my name is Mbuso iv got 3 types of this 5rands i lyk to know where can I sell it I’m looking for a saf place

  30. Hi i have a 2008 MS4 Graded R5 coin.
    and i have a other few cou s that is cerculiced.
    How much will yougive me ?

  31. Hi, I have a few Mandela coins that I would look at selling at the right price. How do I get an evaluation on them? Will you be able to give me an indication of what they could be worth?



  32. I have Mandela 90 th birthday commerative medallion. Still in capsule. Certificate also in box. Bought in 2007.

  33. Hi! Good day;

  34. I’m selling a 2008 90th birth day of Mandela R5 coin. For more info find me on facebook and whatsap on this number 0610527833

  35. I have got 2008 R5 90th birthday Nelson Mandela coin, still like new the must see precious stone, you won’t regret considering this offer, I would appreciate quick response.

  36. Good day,

    Please could someone phone me regarding this coins.

    I have mailed you before also but no one is getting back to me.

    You advertised that you wanted to buy these coins but no respose in this regard from your side.

    I am in Pretoria and are willing to drive up to KZN if you are interested to buy this coins for a fear price.

    Please if someone could send me a mail or something.

    My email address is houghkobus@gmail.com and my number is 0796787840.

    Thank you
    Awaiting your prompt response.

  37. Good day, i would like to sell my nelson Mandela R5 coins 2008 90 year, 2000 and 1994 presidential inauguration for cash.

  38. I live in Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga province. Am selling R5 mandela coins of year 2008 and R5 Mandela coin.contact me:0607797250

  39. Hi i have been trying to upload the photos of my 5 rand it say photo to big i have 2008 mandela 5 rand coin and the 1994 5 rand pls send me direction so i can come to your shop

  40. Good day
    I have a year 2000 Mandela coin that is in a very good condition. I would like to know how can i go about….Getting the value of the coin.

  41. Hi there, which rare R5 Mandela coins you are looking for. I here they say you dont have to have touched the coins or those coins must not have scratches

  42. good day

    can you please tell me if you are still in operation and can i still sell my various mandela coins to you ? esp the 2008 “mandela smiley” as well lots of the 1994 inauguaration coins… when are you open for business again as i live in bloemfontein, free state
    thank you

  43. Hello,I want to sell
    1×2008 R5(Mandela coin)good coin
    1×1994 R5(inauguration)70% mint condition.
    10×2004 R5
    4 ×2005 R5
    Anyone interests please give me a call for princess discussion +27825911579

    • Hi I have mandela 2008 R5 coin please give more info as to where can I exchange them ,how much they worth and nearest place as I’m from Newcastle ken and I’ll also appreciate your contact detail for further communication.

      Thanks inadvance

  44. Dear Sir/Madam i have mandela coins year 2000 and 2008 and buffalo coins as well.
    I want to sell where are you based.