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  1. I’m selling a 2008 90th birth day of Mandela R5 coin. For more info find me on facebook and whatsap on this number 0610527833

  2. I have got 2008 R5 90th birthday Nelson Mandela coin, still like new the must see precious stone, you won’t regret considering this offer, I would appreciate quick response.

  3. Good day,

    Please could someone phone me regarding this coins.

    I have mailed you before also but no one is getting back to me.

    You advertised that you wanted to buy these coins but no respose in this regard from your side.

    I am in Pretoria and are willing to drive up to KZN if you are interested to buy this coins for a fear price.

    Please if someone could send me a mail or something.

    My email address is houghkobus@gmail.com and my number is 0796787840.

    Thank you
    Awaiting your prompt response.

  4. Good day, i would like to sell my nelson Mandela R5 coins 2008 90 year, 2000 and 1994 presidential inauguration for cash.

  5. I live in Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga province. Am selling R5 mandela coins of year 2008 and R5 Mandela coin.contact me:0607797250

  6. Hi i have been trying to upload the photos of my 5 rand it say photo to big i have 2008 mandela 5 rand coin and the 1994 5 rand pls send me direction so i can come to your shop

  7. Good day
    I have a year 2000 Mandela coin that is in a very good condition. I would like to know how can i go about….Getting the value of the coin.

  8. Hi there, which rare R5 Mandela coins you are looking for. I here they say you dont have to have touched the coins or those coins must not have scratches

  9. good day

    can you please tell me if you are still in operation and can i still sell my various mandela coins to you ? esp the 2008 “mandela smiley” as well lots of the 1994 inauguaration coins… when are you open for business again as i live in bloemfontein, free state
    thank you

  10. Hello,I want to sell
    1×2008 R5(Mandela coin)good coin
    1×1994 R5(inauguration)70% mint condition.
    10×2004 R5
    4 ×2005 R5
    Anyone interests please give me a call for princess discussion +27825911579

    • Hi I have mandela 2008 R5 coin please give more info as to where can I exchange them ,how much they worth and nearest place as I’m from Newcastle ken and I’ll also appreciate your contact detail for further communication.

      Thanks inadvance

  11. Dear Sir/Madam i have mandela coins year 2000 and 2008 and buffalo coins as well.
    I want to sell where are you based.