Sell Mandela Coins [YEAR 2004 R5]

Price starts at R2500

Selling Mandela Coins

After the release of the new R5 Mandela Coin, the value of the older mandela coins are going to be increasing in value! We are looking for some year 2004 5 Rand Coins. These prices start at R2500 cash and up to R5000 for mint condition. Click here and complete the form if you have this coin.

Yes, you may be tempted to keep your coin and let the value increase, but the volatility of the collectible coin market might mean that the coin loses value. There is an element of risk which needs to be taken into account when keeping the coin for a long term.

Dozens of South Africans are selling their Mandela Coins and making big money overnight.


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  1. Hi please if there’s somebody is looking for 2018 Mandela coins I have got planned of them so if anybody is serious looking for the massage feel free to call me I wanna post a few of them so that we can see what I have.

  2. I have 5 2008 Mandela coins and selling it if anybody is interested for them please for free to call me otherwise I have got a lot of them and 2018 I have got 9 of them and then presidential inauguration I have got 4 of them so if anybody is interested please come give me a call so that we can see what we can do thank you.

  3. I have without Mandela face , 2004 x 7, 2005 x 4, 2006 x 1, 2007 x 1, 2008 x 4, 2005 x 1, 2006 x 3,2007 x 1, 2008 x 3, 2009 x 1, 2010 x 3, 2011 x 4, 2012 x 6, 2013 x 1,2014 x 4,2016 x 4, 2017 x 1 and 2018 x 2. My contact No 0646432229

  4. Hello i just wanna know how much does this Mandela coins valued when i sell them because i have more than 10 coins with me now?