Sell Mandela Coins [YEAR 1994 INAUGURATION R5 COIN]

Price starts at R10 000

Collectors are looking for R5 1994 Presidential Inauguration coins. Bidding price for these are from R10 000 for fair condition or more for mint condition. Click here and complete the form to sell your coin.

Many South Africans are selling these coins right now and making a small fortune from them.

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  1. Good day my name is Thanda I have got the coins just wanna find out how does the whole process works do you come to where the coins are to collect or I have to submit them.

    • I have this coins first one is the coinage of qriqua town and the presidential inauguration coins. so how does one sell them, are they still exchangable. I’m in cape town

  2. I’m trying to send the pictures through but I get message saying “file is too big”. Help me please