Sell Mandela Coins [YEAR 1994 INAUGURATION R5 COIN]

Price starts at R10 000

We are looking for R5 1994 Presidential Inauguration coins. Bidding price for these are from R10 000 for fair condition or more for mint condition. Click here and complete the form to sell your coin.

Many South Africans are selling these coins right now and making a small fortune from them.

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  1. I dont know why coin trade you make people suffer like this u gave wrong adress postal why dont u gave us physical adress so that we can come personal to sell our sent us ur physical adress

  2. I have a R5 presidential and also 90 yrs birthday. can you please help us with a location where we can sell our coins im in gauteng GERMISTON

  3. Good day I have the R5 coins for the Presidential Inaugaration year 1994, the smiley face year 2000 and the smiley face cricket 2008 my number is 0825662091

  4. hy I have Mandela’s coin and two coin of presidential inauguration. my contact is 0769239255 I hope you will call me.

  5. Hi i waited a long time for report back from coin trade is this a legit or scam pls sent me where to find the office in pretoria

  6. I’m selling R5 1994 presidential inauguration coin, very good condition, contact me 063 061 4800 no chancers please. R10 000

  7. Tried uploading a picture of the coin but it says file too big
    I’m selling 2 presidential Inauguration coins and 2 Griqua coins.

  8. Im trying to upload a pic of the R5 coin im selling but it says file too big. The coin is the presidential inauguration 2004

  9. Hi is Elizabeth i have 1 1994 inauguration R5 coin i send the photos lastweek but no respond i stay in mamelodi gauteng my contact 0824353234 pls tell where is your offices in Pretoria or Johansburg

    • hi I’m Maqhubela Athenkosi have a lot of cons Presidential Inauguration and also Mandela from 2008 and 2011 all it’s makes R60 my phone numbers 0616970723 or0781737877

  10. I’m uploading my coins everyday to this site but no reply. What could be the problem? Any one sold the coins to this site?

  11. I have sent in 7 enquiries however not receiving any replies. I could not download the pucs too on three of them. Please advise soonest

  12. Selling two, 1x Innagruation Mandela Coin R5 and 1x Smiley Mandela R5 coin. WhatsApp me 0849964347 if you want to buy ASAP, price negotiable

  13. I do hve a 2 presidential coin 1994 , a madela smiley face 2000 , a mandela smiley face 2008 an a O.R.Tambo R5 contact me on 0724843762

  14. I have an R5 innoguration coin with both envelopes for innoguration with all stamps in immaculate condition. Coin has never been touched or handled


  16. Good day

    I send 4 request today to contact me on 0735462466 as I have 7 1994 1994 presidential inauguration R5 coins and 1 2000 Mandela Smiley coin that I want to sell. I asked to be contacted as I can not upload the pictures of each coin. Please call me at 0735462466 or email me at

    Thank you

  17. Ive got Presidentail inauguration
    Coinage of Griqua Town
    Order of companioship of O.R Tambo
    madela 90 years.
    How does it sell, ive tried chatting to Agent Arif and I got no help.

  18. Hello, I have x4 of these coins, Proof, PF 69, Graded by NGC with Certificate Verification, selling at R40 000 each, or nearest cash offer, please contact me for more info. There is only one Graded higher by NGC wordwide at PF70

  19. I have a 5 rand coin , 1994 Presidential inauguration coin. the condition is not perfect with a few scratches but i am willing to sell or bid for a reasonable price. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I am situated in Port Elizabeth.

    • Phumzile, price depends very much on the condition of the coin itself. You will need to send us more information by clicking on the “sell mandela coin” button at the top of this web page.

  20. Hello, Im in Centurion in Pretoria and I have a whole range of coins of different countries, including 02 Presidential inuaguration R5. May I kindly be assisted with an evaluation because I feel its high time I sell them. I might be sitting on fortune.

    • Hi Les, unfortunately we do not publicize our contact number because we get way to many phone calls. Please submit your mandela coin information at the following page if you are interested. Kershren

  21. Hi there. I know this is quite long after the request for the 1994 presidential inauguration coins was made, but I have one of these coins. Am i able to trade these in, and if So, how and where?

  22. Good day

    I have R5 inaugáration coins
    Mandela 2000
    Mandela new R5 and please call me on 0785994984 n based in Lenasia Gauteng

  23. Hi… I have 1 1994 5rand presidential inauguration coin. In good condition. And 1 2017 O.R Tambo. Make me an offer. 073 062 4592

  24. There are more people out there who got coin’s to sell. They just dont know how ,maybe more publisity will do . There are also poor people who got one or two of these coins they just dont know how

    • Hi Ivor, we will be posting more information about the processes soon. The response has been overwhelming but we are carefully going through all submissions and comments.

  25. Good day I also have one of these 1994 inauguration coins, how do I go about selling it? Please advise the process.

  26. I have one 1994 Presidential Inauguration Coin…How much are you you willing to pay? I had 6 of those and it was stolen, so I don’t want to lose this one. 0836851823/0849445848

  27. Hi im from swellendam westerncape. Sout africa i have presidential inauguration R5 coin good condition wantin to sell R15000neg. Watsapp 0611541049

  28. Hey can one of u guys perhaps tell me, how do i go about selling these coins? Do i physically go to an coin exchange place or do i have to do it online. If i should do it online, then can u give me a clear indication which website i should go on an how do i go about to advertise it?

    • If you know of anyone wanting to buy, they can plz contact me on 084 809 7929. I have two. The one is brand new an in excellent condition, whereas the other is a bit older but still looks fair…

    • Hey Taryn, we do apologize, the form has now been fixed and you should be able to upload pictures of your mandela coin

  29. I have a R5 1994 Presidential Inauguration coin but when I send a picture it says the picture is too big, what should I do please help.

  30. Hey, I have two of those coins,there are in a good condition. I m currently in Durban.if you still interested you can contact at 0742608226

  31. I have 1 R5 Mandela Inauguration coin, I stay in Pretoria working at Fourways. We can negotiate the price, and it is still in a good condition. Contact me on 073 239 9916

  32. hello.I have 2004,2005,2006 to 2008.
    Also of Mandela inauguration.
    I am at springs in gauteng.If interested would you please not mind to call me at 0810546204 or just SMS me.

  33. I have two 2000 5rand Mandela coins an 2008 Mandela 10coins an 1994 union building 5coins,if interested u can contact me at 0607079991

  34. I have 50 coins of 2008, 3 of 1994,5 coin of 2011, 10 of 2000 and 1 of 2014…m in east London. I want to sell all of ma coins.feel free to contact me 0717655179

  35. Good day my name is Thanda I have got the coins just wanna find out how does the whole process works do you come to where the coins are to collect or I have to submit them.

    • I have this coins first one is the coinage of qriqua town and the presidential inauguration coins. so how does one sell them, are they still exchangable. I’m in cape town

  36. I’m trying to send the pictures through but I get message saying “file is too big”. Help me please