Sell Griqua R5 Coin [Griqua R5 Coin Value]

Price starts at R1000

The 2015 Griqua R5 Coin is currently increasing in value and there is a demand for the 2000 minted coins. They are very rare today. If you are in possession of one of these, you could get thousands of Rands depending on the condition of the coin. Take advantage of the Griqua R5 Coin value while you still can.
The coin has markings for the year 2015. Some other distinguishing features of the Griqua R5 coin is the 1815 commemorating the 200th year of the Griqua town which is also noted by the “200” marking on the front of the coin.

The original coinage of the Griqua R5 coin is that is was the first local currency of the South African People.

Needless to say, there are many poeple looking to sell their Griqua R5 coin, and just as many collecters looking to buy. Click here to submit information about your coin and sell your Griqua R5 coin.

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  1. I have R5 2015 coinage of Griqua Town an I am willing to sell it.if you are interested call or whatsapp me 0729492461 (Pietermaritzburg)

  2. I have a 2015 coinage of Griqua Town an I am willing to sell it.if you are interested call or whatsapp me 0729492461 (Pietermaritzburg)

  3. hey iam selling 1R5,00 griqua con and 8R2,00 2013 0fthe 100years of the Union building if you are interested contac me 0713265310 from mpumalang middelburg

  4. hi i have 2 Griqua R5 coins and 3 1994 presidential inauguration looking to sell them. i want to know how much each coin worth

  5. Hi everyone..I have a 5 rand griqua coin and am willing to sell for a good price..If interested you can call 0792820205..0797809680.

  6. Griqua R5 available, I’m in cape town. Make me a good offer and you take it. My number is 0813906468, also on whatsapp

  7. Hi i am selling Two griqua coin of the year 2015 and they are in a good condition and everything on them is visible i am based in Free State

  8. Hi. Anyone with R5 Mandela coins for the following years, 2006 , 2007 and 2009 can contact me at 083 490 8557. i pay good price per coin

  9. Hi I have two R5 presidential coins and a Griqua coin, I need to sell them, here is my number 0836490949 or 0610640670

  10. Hi i have mandela’s all coins and am welling to sell and old coins.
    My number 0790666781 u cn call or whatsapp thnx

  11. Hi my name is Mojaki I Have R5 coins now I would like to sell them,I just need information about what should I do to sell them.

  12. I have completed the form two weeks ago but im still waiting for your response, how long does it takes to process the offer

  13. After filling the form and uploading the picture, how long it takes to get a response? Or how do you know that your email was successful sent

  14. Hie samson im interested in mandela 1994 silver coin face of mandela how much are you selling call on this number or whatsapp 0625835761

  15. Hi, I have 1 (2015 Griqua R5 Coin) that I am willing to sell.

    It is in great condition, and has been well taken care of.

    My contact number is 079 962 3958

  16. I have 3 5rand coin face of mandela 2008 of 90 birth and 2 GRIQUA COINS OF 2015 AND ALSO 2 OF PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION 1994 AND 1994 SILVER MANDELA COIN face of mandela

  17. good day

    I’m interested on trading my 5 deferred R 5.00 coins.
    I would like to know how much minimum amount for 2008 Mandela coins??