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If you are wondering where to value and sell your krugerrands, you have come to the right place. We are buying Krugerrands daily because they are currently increasing in value! If you happen to own one of the gorgeous coins, you could get a large amount of money, but only if the coin is in decent condition.  These prices start at R2500 cash and up to R20000 for krugerrands in perfect condition.

Krugerrands can easily be identified with an impala engraving. The coin is also typically marked with the material used to make the coin, for example, gold or silver etc. Contact us here to value your krugerrand.



Krugerrands that we are specifically searching for:

  • 1 oz krugerrand
  • krugerrand 1981
  • 2017 silver krugerrand
  • value of krugerrand gold coin 1975
  • 1984 quarter krugerrand
  • 1974 krugerrand
  • 1968 proof krugerrand
  • 1980 krugerrand gold coin value
  • price of krugerrand in 1967

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